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from ₹13,400
Well-groomed, feminine Girl-Transsexual...! For gentlemen who are ready to combine business with pleasure. I can be both active and in a universal role. I work exclusively individually, I have nothing to do with salons and their inhabitants! I will consider an option from an adequate, wealthy man for full security. I don’t live with any friends and won’t live with them. "The apartment is under security." Meetings with me or visiting you. I answer calls personally, without any deception! All photos are 100% accurate! We kindly ask you to call and make an appointment in advance! I live geographically in the South-East of Moscow! Newcomers are always welcome, I welcome travel to other cities, strictly with prepayment. SCHENGEN IS OPEN. Abundant ejaculation, 100% erection. Penis size 19*4, breast size 3. I don’t respond to SMS messages. I answer WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or Calls!!!
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from ₹26,800
Real! Do you want to see new videos, domination, sex with a girl and a guy with cumshot and solo. I have experience meeting couples. Personal meetings. Write to WhatsApp or Telegram for any questions.
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from ₹13,400
Valuing your time and yours, meetings are individual, please arrange in advance. Dignity 22*6, chest 3. I meet only on location, in your apartment or in a hotel (regular or themed). I do all the organizing myself. More details can be discussed by phone or messenger. Women's documents Photo video what's app, telegram For BDSM lovers there are two top guys.
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from ₹17,900
Are you tired of fakes? Or do you come to an active vehicle and there is no pepper there? Or from a divorce for money (prepayment), then I’m your best option! I am more Active with 18.5 cm (real), but I can also be passive! watermelons size 4! And I Cum profusely! Depraved! Fucking and insatiable….. yes!!! It's me!!! Latina from Peru. I prefer to meet one-on-one... but not against a group! I live alone in my apartment in the very center of Moscow “Arbat”. I live alone without girlfriends or friends! Well, dear, who are we waiting for? Call me and let's talk about everything! Let's do everything like in porn! Have time to enjoy Metro Smolenskaya
from ₹8,940
Professional masseuse, aspiring kinesiologist, practicing sports massage, Abhyanga massage, Thai (urological) massage. My parameters are 173-60-3 4/15 A visit to me is not only an opportunity to touch my beautiful athletic and feminine body, see all my tattoos, touch my velvety skin, touch a delightful surprise, it is also a high-quality massage with a healing, anti-stress effect. I have deep knowledge of nutrition, I will help you overcome stress, and I will conduct manual muscle testing. Combine business with pleasure by calling the phone number indicated in the ad or writing to Telegram. Full social adaptation, beautiful female appearance, women's documents of the Russian Federation, a medical book and interesting massage programs (additional services are possible) for men, women and MF couples.
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