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Hello, I am a beautiful Latin trans girl with the desire to fulfill all your fetishes and sexual desires, are you ready for the best sex of your life? I have a great place to stay where you will have all the amenities you need to feel like a god, 100% privacy and I am completely real, don't think about it anymore, I will be waiting for you on WhatsApp or Telegram

  • Parameters
    • Age: 22 years old
    • Height: 5'8"
    • Size of clothing: S
    • Weight: 141 lbs
    • Breast: D
    • Dick: 6.5"
  • Prices
  • In call
    • 1 hour — ₹14,200
    • 2 hours — ₹23,700
    • Night — ₹56,900
  • Out call
    • 1 hour — ₹23,700
    • 2 hours — ₹42,700
    • Night — ₹85,400
Escort services
  • non-professional massage
  • relaxing massage
  • erotic massage
  • anal sex
  • role reversal
  • anal fisting
  • deep blowjob
  • condomless blowjob
  • golden shower
  • cum in the mouth
  • cum on your face
  • cum on your breasts
  • fetish
  • light domination
  • outing
  • escort
Languages spoken
  • Русский
  • Español
  • Air conditioner
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Condoms
  • Parking


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I visited this Spanish light) The process is beyond praise, I will not describe the whole process, it is described in previous comments, the scenario is almost the same (this was followed). From myself I want to add that it is very affectionate and much more beautiful than in the photo)
Просто Игорь
The girl is the bomb. She had her first time. And now only to her. Pointing to the apartment is accurate. Didn't have to wait for anything. The room is cozy. Bed soft)
By process.
I asked if I needed a shower, gave me a towel and slippers. After the shower, they began to kiss and smoothly moved to a minute in her direction. Moaning, it is clear that he is kicking. Then she came in from behind with a boner and did just a mind-blowing anilingus, I never thought that it could be so fucking awesome! When she relaxed, she carefully and slowly entered. She herself felt when my primary pain passed and began to peck. In different poses, cancer, standing, on the back, she twisted me as she wanted. I fucked for about 20 minutes non-stop. Then I offered to sit on it. It didn't turn out well because of my size. But I was able to bring her to orgasm in this position. We went to bathe, watered, talked. Simple phrases and dialogue are supported. If so, google to the rescue. It's very easy to communicate.
Then she gave me a gorgeous blowjob with anilingus and I finished in her mouth.
Amazing girl. Oooh pretty. Straight, Spanish blood and temperament. I advise everyone and do not offend her!!
The location is far from the subway. But there is parking in the yard.
Simply the best, diamond.
Appearance - better than girls.
You won't believe there's a surprise until you take off your bathrobe.
Written off, agreed without problems. Communicates through an interpreter or understands Russian. Don't rely on English.
All the basic words you need to meet in Russian without any problems. Well, either you can use gestures, such as “cum in my mouth”, it’s better to clarify by showing where.
According to the process: she asked in advance if she needed to prepare, what role I want. He said that this is my first time, so I want everything.
It was already ready for my arrival, the penis is clean, it doesn’t smell of anything, the size is excellent, even a little fat. Kiss very delicious.
First, she lowered me to her knees, fucked me in her mouth, then put me on the bed and the anilingus was so deep that I thought that they were already fucking me. Unreal sensations from the tongue stretching the ass. Then she added lube and began to enter. First, doggystyle, then lifted my legs and lay on top, then rolled over and put me on top and finally entered to the end, she was happy and surprised that the dick had entered, feeling generally high, like in the best porn.
Then again doggystyle and began to fuck already, with spanking.
Then he put her on the bed, sucked her some more and asked me to cum in my mouth. Everything was done as in my dreams.
Then I fucked her, no smells and nothing extraneous for the whole process.
Then they laid, hugged, kissed, I stroked my back, GFE experience to the maximum, with real girls it was not always like that.
When I get together next time - just to her. Do not offend the girl, she is very gentle and sweet.
Everything is very good. No mannerisms. There is a nuance - he does not understand Russian well, but with gestures you can turn it around as you like. Any desire and in any position will be fulfilled, he tries to please everyone, add to this the Spanish temperament and it turns out just a bomb. Compliance with the photo is complete, the hut is normal, the tip on the hut is also, no need to wait at the door. In short, I recommend it to everyone.
Hello, I'm on vacation in Moscow and I decided to meet this girl.. Wow this girl is great, super kind and polite, I can say that it has been one of the best sex I've had in my life, her appearance is spectacular I came for a hour and I ended up staying three hours without a doubt I will repeat with this excellent girl.
A beautiful, gentle girl, left only good impressions. In the process, too, everything is fine.
I've been several times, this beauty is the best. Polite, slippers, towels - excellent service. the apartment is in order. Excellent in both roles.

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Hello I am a latin trans girl, I am 22 years old and I am very hot, ready to fulfill all your wishes, 100% confidential, if you want to have a good time and feel like you are in the clouds, feel free to contact me, I am real, u I don't have any operations, I'm natural

11 reviews